John F. Kennedy Assassination!

This page contains videos regarding my research into the assassination of Kennedy. I have studied the assassination for more then five years, and during the process of going through thousands of declassified documents and my own self research which led me to cracking the case of who, what, when, where and why John F. Kennedy was killed.

Most of the original good JFK researches are long gone and most modern books and so called researchers have not and never found out all of the why’s regarding this topic, my research intends to shine the light and expose why he was killed and who really killed him.

Above you will find my six hour long documentary on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and some other shorter videos based on certain key points regarding the assassination taken from either podcasts I have done and or snippets from my own developed documentary videos that are found on my Rumble, Odysee or Rokfin. 

There is plenty of information to be taken from these videos, from these you will learn the ins and outs of the assassination, and what was the leading up to the assassination that not many people have been able to put together. The amount of connections is absolutely astonishing and very eye opening as into who was involved and why this went down the way it did.